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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Grade 3 (364715L) (24-25SY)04/15/2024LicensedVass-Lakeview Elementary SchoolApply
Assistant Principal (350719L) (24-25 SY)04/15/2024LicensedSouthern Middle SchoolApply
Grade 1 (356169L) (24-25SY)04/15/2024LicensedSouthern Pines Elementary SchoolApply
Exceptional Children Self-Contained Classroom (364645L) (24-25SY)04/12/2024LicensedVass-Lakeview Elementary SchoolApply
Grade 7 ELA/Social Studies (374132L) (24-25 SY)04/11/2024LicensedWest Pine Middle SchoolApply
Music (356134L) (24-25SY)04/11/2024LicensedSouthern Pines Elementary SchoolApply
CTE - Law & Justice (360138L) (24-25 SY)04/10/2024LicensedUnion Pines High SchoolApply
Grade Kindergarten (316639L) (24-25SY)04/10/2024LicensedCarthage Elementary SchoolApply
Grade 4 (316101L) (24-25SY)04/10/2024LicensedCarthage Elementary SchoolApply
Kindergarten Teacher Assistant (356181C)04/08/2024ClassifiedSouthern Pines Elementary SchoolApply
Data Manager (308401C)04/08/2024ClassifiedAberdeen Elementary SchoolApply
Music/Chorus (360139L) (24-25 SY)04/08/2024LicensedUnion Pines High SchoolApply
Cafeteria Assistant FT (342538) (24-25SY)04/05/2024Child NutritionPinehurst Elementary SchoolApply
School Police Officer (331640C)04/05/2024ClassifiedNew Century Middle SchoolApply
Music/Orchestra (336175L) (24-25 SY)04/04/2024LicensedPinecrest High SchoolApply
Grade 8 Math (350744L) (24-25 SY)04/03/2024LicensedSouthern Middle SchoolApply
Exceptional Children Teacher Assistant (324325C)04/02/2024ClassifiedSandhills Farm Life Elementary SchoolApply
Exceptional Children (316131L) (24-25SY)04/02/2024LicensedCarthage Elementary SchoolApply
Elementary Teacher (308116L) (24-25SY)03/22/2024LicensedAberdeen Elementary SchoolApply
PORT Human Services Teacher (50%) (330137L) (24-25 SY)03/22/2024LicensedCommunity Learning Center at PinckneyApply
Grade 6 Social Studies (317013L) (24-25 SY)03/22/2024LicensedCrain's Creek Middle SchoolApply
Math (336214L) (24-25 SY)03/22/2024LicensedPinecrest High SchoolApply
Exceptional Children Teacher Assistant (329068C)03/22/2024ClassifiedMcDeeds Creek Elementary SchoolApply
Exceptional Children (331603L) (24-25 SY)03/21/2024LicensedNew Century Middle SchoolApply
Exceptional Children (331115L)03/21/2024LicensedNew Century Middle SchoolApply
Cafeteria Assistant PT (336560C)03/21/2024Child NutritionPinecrest High SchoolApply
Grade 6/7 Social Studies (320113L) (24-25 SY)03/19/2024LicensedElise Middle SchoolApply
Grade 4 (356528L)03/19/2024LicensedSouthern Pines Elementary SchoolApply
Science (336151L) (24-25 SY)03/15/2024LicensedPinecrest High SchoolApply
Math (336190L) (24-25 SY)03/15/2024LicensedPinecrest High SchoolApply
Exceptional Children (342153L) (24-25 SY)03/14/2024LicensedPinehurst Elementary SchoolApply
Exceptional Children - Autism Specific (374245L) (24-25 SY)03/12/2024LicensedWest Pine Middle SchoolApply
Grade 5 (368145L) (24-25SY)03/11/2024LicensedWest End Elementary SchoolApply
Social Studies (360131L) (24-25 SY)03/07/2024LicensedUnion Pines High SchoolApply
Custodian 12 months (342606C)03/07/2024ClassifiedPinehurst Elementary SchoolApply
AIG (331154L) (24-25 SY)03/07/2024LicensedNew Century Middle SchoolApply
School Social Worker Itinerant (348527/328705/376701/320605L)03/06/2024LicensedMoore County SchoolsApply
Painter (388641C)03/05/2024ClassifiedMaintenanceApply
Grade 6 Math/Science (317014L)(24-25 SY)03/04/2024LicensedCrain's Creek Middle SchoolApply
Exceptional Children Teacher Assistant (330164C)03/04/2024ClassifiedCommunity Learning Center at PinckneyApply
Exceptional Children Teacher Assistant (336229C) 24-25 SY03/04/2024ClassifiedPinecrest High SchoolApply
Grade 2 (324131L) (24-25SY)03/04/2024LicensedSandhills Farm Life Elementary SchoolApply
Media Specialist (364120L) (24-25SY)03/01/2024LicensedVass-Lakeview Elementary SchoolApply
Exceptional Children Self-Contained Classroom (308727L) (24-25SY)02/29/2024LicensedAberdeen Elementary SchoolApply
ISS/Planning Room Coordinator (336303C)02/26/2024ClassifiedPinecrest High SchoolApply
Grade 7 Social Studies (350713L)02/23/2024LicensedSouthern Middle SchoolApply
Cafeteria Assistant FT (368504C) (24-25 SY)02/21/2024Child NutritionWest End Elementary SchoolApply
Math (336179L)(24-25 SY)02/20/2024LicensedPinecrest High SchoolApply
CTE - Career Development Counselor (332500L)(24-25SY)02/20/2024LicensedNorth Moore High SchoolApply
Grade Kindergarten (342631L) (24-25 SY)02/20/2024LicensedPinehurst Elementary SchoolApply